Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Art/Sound: SOUND ART Field Trip, December 12

SOUND ART Immersive Experience

Saturday, December 12th -  at 1pm:  A 'Sound Art' field trip on the Orange Line to experience an interactive piece by Ben Chaffee - 'Music for Circumstances'.Bring an iPod [or other mp3 player and train fare. The trip will begin at the Green Street T Station and will last for approximately one hour.  The gallery is also open that day to visit the show from 2-5pm.
The field trip is in conjunction with the exhibit,  Riders on the Train. 
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Event: Boston Santacon 2009, Saturday, December 19

Boston Santacon 2009: Saturday, December 19!!

Purple Shamrock

1 Union St Boston, MA 02108 (617) 227-2060

Boston Santacon Website

A seriously disorganized, utterly chaotic, we-are-so-NOT-planning-this Red Felt Rampage! Get yer megaphone wieldin spray-snow taggin Pine Sol chuggin *ss in a Santa suit and show up!! Here's the latest from Santa: * * * WHAT WHERE WHEN Come December, cacophonous Santas rampage in red flannel through cities around the world. It started in '94 when a few dozen Santas crashed downtown San Francisco for a night of Kringle Kaos. Things have now reached Critical Xmas and Santarchy is a global phenomenon. You'd better watch out! Santa's coming to town! Boston Santacon 2009 starts Saturday December 19 at Faneuil Hall Marketplace (Purple Shamrock 1:00). Then Santa marches on Beacon Hill (21st Amendment 3:00), parades through the Common and down Charles Street (Beacon Hill Pub 5:00), rides the Redline to Harvard Square (John Harvard's 7:00), and finally stumbles down to the Hong Kong in Harvard Square to shake his Big Red Booty 'til dawn! Links: -*- Info about Santacon: & & http://santaconboston.... -*- Find Santa's route on Google Maps: search "Boston Santacon 2009" or cut/paste this link: -*- Santa updates his where/when progress by text message. For updates: 1) Join BostonSantacon on Swaggle or 2) Follow BostonSanta on Twitter or 3) Text ".join bostonsantacon" without quotes to 206-694-9197.

Lecture: How Cooking Made Us Human, Wednesday, January 27


Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human

Program with Richard Wrangham


In his latest book, Catching Fire, Richard Wrangham, Professor of Biological
Anthropology at Harvard, puts forth the bold theory that our Paleolithic Homo ancestors tamed fire and began cooking 1.8 million years ago, much earlier than conventionally believed. Wrangham will discuss how cooking started a revolution in human evolution, which drove large-scale changes in our physiology, behavior, and cognition and has defined our species to this very day. The program will include a discussion moderated by Noel Michele Holbrook, Professor of Biology and Charles Bullard Professor of Forestry at Harvard. Free and open to the public in the Geological Lecture Hall, 24 Oxford Street, Cambridge 

Lecture: Six Years on Mars, Thursday, December 10


Six Years on Mars

Lecture by Andrew Knoll

Thursday, December 10, 6:00 PM

Andrew Knoll, Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard and a member of NASA's Mars Exploration Rover science team, hasn’t actually been to Mars, but he has spent a lot of time examining its rocks, including four-billion-year-old salt deposits investigated by the rovers Spirit and Opportunity. Knoll will reflect on six years of NASA Mars Rover exploration; what the evidence tells us about the history of water and its implication for life on the ancient surface of the Red Planet. Intended audience is teens and older. Free and open to the public in the Geological Lecture Hall, 24 Oxford Street.  
Note: The museum's galleries will be open both before and after the lecture. See Night at the Museum below.