Monday, September 28, 2009

Lectures: Gender & Sexuality in the Ancient World, October 6

October 6

Commonplace Homosexuality in Ancient Greece

Lecture by Dr. Jeffery J. Henderson. By delving into the sexual mores of the Ancient Greeks, we can learn about the ways that social values and taboos vary across cultures. Artwork and literature play an important role in our understanding of homosexual behavior as a normal part of Greek culture. Tues, Oct 6, COM 101.

What the Bible Does [Not] Say about Homosexuality

Lecture by Dr. Jennifer Knust. A discussion of why the Bible says what it does about gender and sexuality. We’ll look at women's studies, the politics of pre-Christianity and the early Church, and the Bible’s use of sexual slander as a political weapon. Thurs, Oct 6, SED 130.

These lectures are the first half of a four-part series hosted by Marsh Chapel's LGBTQ Ministry. If you have any questions about our events or about LGBTQ Ministry, please contact our leaders, Tyler Sit at and Liz Douglass at, or visit our website

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