Thursday, October 29, 2009

Concert/Lecture: Indian Classical Music Concert & Lecture, November 7

A Jugalbandi and Lecture Demonstration of Hindustani and Karnatic Music
Saturday, Nov 7 3:00p to 6:00p
at Residence of Mr. Arun Khond, Stoughton, MA
Price: Free
Phone: (617) 314-9077
Come explore the beauty of the two ancient musical traditions of Indian classical music. The Karnatic and Hindustani Music Circle (KHMC) brings to you a special flavor of Hindustani and Carnatic style together in a melodious jugalbandi (duet) and a lec-dem by Dr Suresh Mathur (flute) and Dr Ram Naidu (veena), acccompanied by Akshay Navaladi(tabla)and Mahalingam Santhanakrishnan(mridangam).Admission is free! For more information, see

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