Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Interview Possibility: New Law Protects College Students' Medical Insurance Coverage While Attending School, Oct 08-09

This week a new federal law will go into effect that
guarantees that college students across the country 
will no longer have to worry about whether they will be 
kicked off their parent’s health insurance plan if they 
need to take a medical leave of absence. Until now, 
insurers have been ableto limit or eliminate coverage if 
students dropped below full time status. This is just 
what the Morse family faced when their daughter, Michelle, 
was diagnosed with cancer. *

* *

*The new law, Michelle’s Law, takes effect this Friday, 
October 9th, oneyear after it was enacted. The law is 
named for Michelle Morse, who was a student at Plymouth 
State University in New Hampshire. After being diagnosed 
with colon cancer in 2004, she was forced to remain a 
full-time student while undergoing debilitating chemotherapy 
in order to stay on her family’s insurance. She ultimately 
lost her battle to the disease. *

* *

*On Thursday, October 8, from 3pm-6pm ET, and Friday, October 9, 
6am-10amET, AnnMarie Morse, mother, advocate and author of this 
Federal Law, and Daniel Smith, President of the American Cancer 
Action Network, are available for live interviews to discuss 
the following: 
  • How this law affects students and families across 
  • the country 
  • The importance of advocating change in the broader health care
    system to eliminate the many other gaps and cracks that cancer patients fall
    through, as did the Morse’s daughter 
  • How AnnMarie Morse changed the law
  • Why health care reform matters in the fight against cancer
  • *Please let us know if we can put you on the schedule for this important message for your listeners. * *Thank you!* *Carole Bennett* *703-671-0054*

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